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Get More from Your Emura with the Frying Rack & Steamer Set

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Reach the Full Potential of Your Emura Pan with this Super Handy Set

Boil, Steam & Strain All in One Pan

Boil, Steam & Strain All in One Pan

Faster & Easier Cooking

The versatile Steamer Basket not only steams to perfection but also doubles as a strainer. No soggy outcomes!

Crispier, Healthier Frying

The Frying Rack hooks onto your Emura and lets oil drip away. This keeps your food crisp and warm, eliminating the need for paper towels.

Less Clean Up

These dishwasher-safe attachments not only expand your Emura's capabilities but also cut down on clean-up time.

Dream of Steam for Healthy & Lean

Dream of Steam for Healthy & Lean

Seamlessly integrating with your Emura pan, this attachment allows you to steam a range of dishes, from vegetables and dumplings to buns and fish. Enjoy the natural flavors and nutrients, brought to life with steam and made easy with the 2-in-1 Set.

Save Time, Space, and Effort with the 2-in-1 Steamer & Frying Rack

From Sizzle to Strain to Steam, You Can Do It All

From Sizzle to Strain to Steam, You Can Do It All


Cook Smarter, not Harder

Cook Smarter, not Harder

Get More Done with Less

You can do it all with just the Emura Pan & 2-in-1 set: fry and rest, boil and strain, or steam and eat! No messy drips or counter clutter.

Made for Your Emura

Custom-designed, the 2-in-1 attachment perfectly fits your Emura pan. And it takes Emura’s capabilities from awesome to extraordinary!

Scrub-Free Clean Up

Simply place the attachment in the dishwasher and relax. Perfect for people who want more time enjoying meals and less time scrubbing.

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